My sink talks

Sometimes things just do not go as you envision them. A wrench gets tossed in the plans for a day. The day all but slips away, leaving you to wonder what happened to the hours between the time you rolled out of bed with scary hair and now. Sorry no photos of the scary Sherri hair!

But I am sharing another frightful photo. My sink, with the evidence of what happened during the passing hours of my Tuesday vacation day. Did you know a dirty sink can tell a story? Well, my dirty sink does! It talks, kinda like the walls do.

- Coffee first thing and a bit of blog reading. See my favorite green 'Life is Good' coffee cup?

- Cleaned out laundry room; which included wiping down the icky baseboards and hand dipping water out of the washer with the aqua half gallon pitcher.

- Quick shower and makeup, so as to not frighten the repairman.

- Repairman is running later than said time ~ finally arrives to doctor the sick washing machine; left with $139 of my rainy day fund. Washing machine is now spinning, sucking water out and doing all the things it is made to do. It had a broken lid thing-a-ma-jig. I told Mr. Repairman that I bet he makes a LOT of women happy! I think he turned a shade of pink, but I failed to take a photo to use in the upcoming Pink Saturday post. Darn! I mean seriously, I was thrilled I won't be making a trip to the laundry mat.

- Sink says lunch was leftover spaghetti on everyday kid proof Corelle plate.

There are a few secrets the sink can't reveal, like when you sneak away from the house! So after lunch, I left the sink in disarray for a run into town. First stop was the Post Office, then Home Depot.

- The sink tells the tale of some work that went on today, from the small paint bucket, stir stick, brush and roller. Prep for the kitchen makeover project. We had a stripper party....oh my not THOSE kinda strippers! I mean pulling off the ugly wallpaper party this weekend. Only to find pink behind it. Won't mix well with the lovely shade of yellow I plan to paint the kitchen. So I had to apply a bit, more like three coats of wall makeup. If you look past the Kilz can you can see the said horrid antique wallpaper and the evidence of my 'work' today.

That is about all the sink knows of today. Although, I did ponder shining my sink, as the Flylady rules state, sink cleaning should be done to make you feel all happy in the mornings. I have found that my sink can be so shiny it scares the living daylights out of me in the morning when I see my scary hair reflection! Instead I settled into my recliner and popped in 'Nights in Rodanthe'. I've been wanting to see it. My daughter recommended it after viewing it with her boyfriend's mom. Gracious southern lady is she, cause she sent over her rented copy for me to watch before the return date. What I want to know is WHERE was the tissue alert warning on the packaging?!?!?! ALL movies with the possibility of making you shed a tear should come with a tissue warning label! Yes I cried and yes, it is a good movie.

I had planned to try and get in my 2nd time around Tuesday and my 3 or more Tuesday post. I had photos to use for both. Another trendy item score from the junk store and photos from the bloggin ladies luncheon (because I met more than 3 wonderful women!); but it just didn't happen. I will share the junk store score soon, cause I know you ladies like those great thrifty finds! In the spirit of Gone with the Wind (much like my Tuesday) and the words of Scarlett, "Tomorrow is another day".

What's in your sink? I think I better go clean mine before my mom visits or heaven forbid, the neighbor!


  1. Sherri,
    This was just hysterical! I think our sinks do tell a story now that you mention it! I'm glad you got your washing machine fixed. I told you it was the lid thing~a~majig!! (in my comments yesterday). The same thing happened to mine! And yes, it was around $130.00! Did you have Sears come out by any chance??

    I saw some of the blogger luncheon pic's on Crystal's blog. Oh, I wish I had been there!

    Well I hope your vacation serves up a little more than blushing repairmen and wallpaper!!


  2. You are so funny! I'm glad you got your washer fixed. I know the $139 must have hurt your feelings, but it could have been a lot worse. You'll have to tell me about Nights. I've been wanting to see it, but didn't realize it was out yet. Thanks for the puffs warning though.

  3. Hello! I just found you at Kelli's. You are so funny. I really enjoyed coming to visit. I will be back. Debbi

  4. Looks like my sinks cousin - it leads a very FULL life...LOL! Very cute post.

  5. Your sink tells the story of your fun! I can't wait to see or at least hear about what you do in your kitchen this week. Enjoy your time off!

  6. Girl, my sink definitely shows how much time I have been spending on the blogs! My sink, my bathrooms, my ironing's too addictive. You rock Miss Sherri!


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