Quick~n~Easy Craft Project

Just a little something to share.

Take these very inexpensive wooden pieces ($1.00 at the Dollar Tree).

A little quiet time in the studio tonight.

Mix a bit of paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon, vintage lace, chipboard letters, flower, button, some sandpaper and glue.

Whip together a keepsake for a baby shower tomorrow.

The shower invitation had an enclosure card that said they are planning a surprise keepsake box for the new Mommy and to please bring a Do Not Disturb sign to include in the box. Something to remind her that she needs to take time for herself. What a neat little idea! She is having a girl, so I thought pink and green would be cute. I did take off the little white string that came with the boards and added my own pink ribbon as the 'hanger'.

My daughter and I will also be giving her something from her registry at Target. Plus I have another almost completed extra homemade item to tuck in with it. Hopefully I can snap a photo of it before the shower tomorrow and share it too!

I think I NEED one of these little jewels to hang on the outside of my studio door? What about you???
If you like Paper Crafting, then check out the ideas over at Kelli's blog! She hosts a paper craft linky each week.


  1. Very cute! She'll love it, and understand and appreciate those little signs for many years to come!

    I let Happy Bunny do the talking for my do-not-disturb moments myself. I used to have his "Not Listening" poster up -- you know the one where he's covering his ears -- next to my computer. Also as a background on my cell phone.

    I finally got tired of looking at it and now his little poster next to to my computer says, "Please place all questions in the form of a compliment."

    (Love that Happy Bunny!)

  2. Hi Sherri-
    Your sign is very cute! :o) Nice job!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  3. Oh my I really need one of these signs for my office door at work.

    Thanks for dropping by to see my pink Sat. I'm off to read some of your post.

  4. Too cute! I'll have to make one of those for my scrapbook room. Leave me alone while I'm in there! :) I have those chipboard letters too.

  5. Love your sign! What a great design. (Did I just rhyme?)

    I really did NOT mean to write a short peom there, it just came out that way. :o)

    Thanks for sharing your idea(s). I've seen those wooden plaques at dollor tree and have often wondered about using them for my pre-k class to make crafts with. Thanks for sharing.


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