My platter found a 'home'

I decided yesterday that I wanted to clean off the top of my refrigerator, or as I call it 'The Frig'. I guess I should have taken a before photo to have shown you all what a dirty mess it was! It was a major catch all of late and a breeding ground for dust bunnies.

I thought about the clean up job and makeover all day while working away hours at the U. I wasn't really sure what to use on top of the frig but I knew all the piles of papers and junk was coming off! So I made a quick swing by the junk store after work, but came home empty handed.

Deciding I didn't want more leftover chicken salad tonight; I whipped up a gourmet meal of breakfast for dinner. After cleaning up the dishes I pulled out the Clorox CleanUp and put those dirty little bunnies to rest! It must have been the scent of fresh and clean that boosted my energy to wipe down the entire frig from top to bottom. Then I had to go on a scavenger hunt for the collection of metal stands that I own. (Kept after a craft show several years ago, because I knew they would come in handy for displays, cookbook holders). I found one with a curly bottom to house my latest find, the Ironstone platter. I also grabbed a couple of other things, a huge basket first. Then a lower basket. Then a tea pot I've had for years. I moved things around, stood back, moved them again. Finally settling on this for now:

Never mind the very dark old wood cabinets! I've always wanted to paint them. Just never been brave enough to take on that project.

I am thinking a nice green plant in place of the lamp, might look better???? Any suggestions? Just feels like it is missing something, but then I don't want it over done either. Guess I will keep my eye out for a fake-a-ru plant on sale somewhere. Or maybe I could find an ugly chicken to spray paint. A smaller white plate? See! Now my mind is just racing with the possibilities! I like the platter and the tea pot ...the lamp, notsomuch. Although I have no where to store/display/hide a set of these oil lamps in my house! They were given to me years ago and are very handy indeed if the power goes out. Much safer than candles and the batteries are always dead in any flashlight I own! I think dust bunnies eat battery power. As a result, we have the energizer bunny!


  1. Oh I hate the top of the frig!!! How does everything accumulate up there? There is only 1 person in this house tall enough to get up there (and it's not me!!)

    I think your items work good! You may like it better if you follow the height rule. Tall wall, lamp, platter, teapot, but vignette them to the right side of the frig at an angle.

  2. We love breakfast for dinner as well! I *love* your ironstone platter. I think a colorful rooster or a basket filled some cute dishcloths would be smashing up there as well. Good luck!


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