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I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year with 18 people attending! What was I thinking? I had just downsized my kitchen table to a cool new pub style, because it is just my teen daughter and myself now at home. Plus it gave me more room in the kitchen and opened up the space! My tiny kitchen looks larger, less stuff and I am loving it! I purchased this at the same time we redecorated my son's room into a totally new upstyle room for my teen daughter. That project is another post! I still hate the wallpaper in the kitchen and hope that becomes a project for 2009! The small frame on the wall has now been replaced with a neat find from TJ Maxx.

So I needed more 'seating' table space to host a bunch of people. I went to a local antique mall and found a solid wood coffee table ($30) that matches perfect! There is barely a scratch on it! Just last weekend I found a beautiful small rug (another TJ Maxx find) and love the way it breaks up the wood on wood from the flooring and table. Added a clearance bowl find along with potpourri (found on clearance for 97 cents a bag at Kirklands!). Everything ties in with my blue and burgandy colors currently in the living room. Would love a new sofa, but have decided to wait until my daughter is out of the house. This sofa is still comfy and has a bed for guests. Hoping to come across a few decor pillows to add a little color there!
I have slowly been transforming rooms into 'what I love'. One of the things I've said over and over since my son moved out on his own is I want to get my house 'in shape'. I want to have it functional, more my 'style'...if I even have one! and of course, at a bargin! So this year of 2009, not only do I wish to SHINE .... I want my home to SHINE too. Not as a show palace, but with things I love, reflecting Love lives here! I am newly obsessed with several blogs that are home decorating on a budget. Thrifty finds made over that turn out AMAZING! These ladies and gents have talent and I hope to gleen some inspiration from them.

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  1. You go girl! Make that home shine, while hardly spending a dime...whooooo hoooooo I rhymed and didn't even mean too! Keep checking back with me, for more great tips. Check out my profile for more great blogs to follow. Nesting Place and A Soft Place to Land are awesome. They have a million followers. You will love their ideas, too! But don't leave me once you find them, they are pretty darn cool.

    Have a great week!


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