Wrap it up!

Christmas is 2 days away! So it's time to wrap it up and get it done! Here is a quick gift wrap idea that I came up with this morning. I found a package of 3 cookie tray bags in my gift wrap box. Obviously I had purchased them to make goodies as gifts at some point or bought them on clearance! Ha! (I think I actually picked them u at the Dollar Tree at some point). I decided to wrap up my tile coaster sets for my mom and two sisters with these cute bags. I had 3 wooden boxes I also picked up on clearance at Target, a few years ago. These have been sitting ...waiting in my gift 'closet' (the top shelf of my clothes closet). Perfect to 'protect' the coasters and add a little something something to the 'gift'. I tied raffia around the coasters, lined the boxes with a new kitchen dish 'rag' and put the box down in the huge cookie bag. Tied them with a bit of Christmas ribbon from my scrappin' stash and ta da .... pretty wrapping! I still need to make a tag out of my paper stash to add to each one. Easy and pretty, if I do say so myself!

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