A Room Makeover

Monday was a holiday from my regular ole day job. Ya know, the one that pays the bills at this humble abode. It was also an opportunity to finally have a bit of time, along with a set of extra hands (my teen daughter) to organize, clean, move around my ... hmm....my extra room? Craft Studio? Sunshine room ~ well it IS bright yellow! Not my choice of color, but that of my daughters when this was her room. Several months ago she was able to 'upgrade' to the larger bedroom vacated by her brother. That makeover included fresh painted walls, carpet cleaning and a new bedroom set. Since then we have scouted all sorts of places for clearance items to give it the final touches. Maybe one day soon that will be a post ...because I am beginning to really LOVE the accents in there!
I scouted photos of scrapbook and craft rooms over at my favorite scrapbooking site, 2Peas, while sipping coffee. One particular room had an item in it that jumped off the page with such inspiration that I became giddy with excitement and had to phone a friend! In her poor uncoffee'd awakening, she may have gotten the impression that I had the winning ticket to the Georgia Lottery drawing. ALMOST!

In the inspirational craft room photo was an adorable kitchen hutch used as a bookshelf and storage. Under MY carport, ready to post to freecycle.com was my previous kitchen table, chairs and hutch. Duh, what was I thinking? Now I could totally organize and set up an entirely new studio with a bit of elbow grease and a few bits of 'decor'.

I knew I had to act fast Monday, if I was to have free teen labor! Ya know boredom, texting, friends would surely have her itching to leave in a flash. Not to mention this is the daunting MESS that challenged us ~ The before photo of just my desk, the entire room was a mess with boxes of this and that, Christmas wrapping, etc. Needless to say the room needed major help!

An after photo. I chose mint green and blue to accent the white. Used my former kitchen table and one chair as my 'new' crafting table and the hutch as a bookshelf for my scrapbook albums, storage for my paper and shredder. I purchased a sheer at BigLots for $9, but may add another one to add more color depth. Tied it with blue ribbon. I also picked up a small mint green rug.
My 'new' crafting table (old kitchen table) with the desk hutch I purchased several years ago on major clearance at Target. The lamp was a new purchase at Target; tied some extra ribbon to it.

The reused kitchen hutch, minus the worn cardboard 'backing' on the top:

Changed out the knobs on the hutch to these ADORABLE finds on 50% off at Hobby Lobby:
The old loved computer desk that was a 'hand me down' from my ex hubby, added the green plastic bins(3 around the room) from Big Lots at $1.50 each:
The bed is my daughters old twin without the headboard, but still using her bedding. I would like to turn it into more a 'daybed' look and yes, those beads will be coming down!

There you have it! A 'new' look, using mostly 'on hand' items to transform my mess into a workable craft studio, computer 'office', guest room (for when my son comes for a visit). I still have the walls to decorate...however a trip to the local 'junk' store and I hit the jackpot! This is just 3 of the little items I picked up there ~ a green bowl for $4.88 and 2 white tin small planters to hang on the walls for $1 each.
Here is a sneak peek photo of another addition to my room found at the 'junk' store:
Can you guess what it is? Check in tomorrow to see this complete beauty and find out just how much I paid!


  1. I had that same kitchen table and have often wished I still had it! Talk about a roomy craft space! I love the bright sunny colored walls, very inspiring space :)

  2. Love the new blog - it is very bright and cheerful. I'm a little bummed you didn't go with "moonshine" title :) I added it to my GoogleReader list.


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