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In early January, while viewing my InstaGram feed, I spotted a mail swap for Valentines.  Fun right?  The big reveal of my swap goodies is coming up in my post on Thursday.  This idea reminded me of being around 12 years old and meeting a friend while on vacation in Florida.  After a week of fun, Linda and I became pen pals.  Of course, back in those days there wasn't email, Facebook or even cell phones!  Yes, I am THAT old.
So receiving a note, letter or card in the mail was fun.  As we get older and life makes us responsible for bills, there isn't much joy in going to the mailbox.  So this year, I decided I wanted to have a little fun, enjoy the revival of pen pals and hopefully spread a little happiness to others in the process.  I put the call out for pen pals and swap pals on InstaGram and my Facebook Fan page.  Thrilled that several ladies have responded!  I've even set up my own pen pal notebook to keep up with everyone. Let the HAPPY MAIL begin traveling snail.
I grabbed my stash of scrapbook supplies and made my own stationery.  Because we all know I'm a thrifty! Have you tried to buy stationery?  One, you can't find it! Two, if you do the price of it could purchase groceries for a family of four.
The letters and packages started their journey this month.  Spreading happy mail far and wide.
I have sent out letters, cards and small packages with fun little items and homemade crafts.  If you are one of my pen pals and haven't yet received a letter or package, no worries you will!  I am going to try to send out some little something each month.  Plus I will also be sending a note or letter in between.  To keep the happy coming and going!  Sure brightens my day to get home from work, check the box and have something sweet inside.  It's also fun to make up a little envy to send off to make others smile.

My 1st letter was received January 28th and my first package came in on February 4th.
I opened my first package to find this beautiful personalized beach bag!  Perfect for that day at the lake, by our pool or hopefully this summer to the beach.
I also received a gorgeous artist postcard (which many call "mail art") from one of my IG pals.
Just in time to add to my mantel, I received an adorable garland of crocheted hearts.
I hung it that same night.
A little unexpected blessing came on Saturday via happy mail from one of my sweet pen pals.  Not only did I receive this cute package for Valentines.
Candy, a card, a cute monogram letter note pad and guess what I will be wearing on Vday?  This whimsy adorable heart scarf!
Traci also sent Bear his own 'happy mail'.
Hot wheels, candy and a sweet little card.  He was SO excited when I showed him the mail with his name.   Thank you Traci for making his day!
Since I am crafting items and needed a space to write, I cleaned off and organized my desk.  I owe a letter out this week.  So this is where I am heading off to write and send ...miles of smiles!
Do you have a pen pal?

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  1. This sounds like so much fun!! I remember writing letters to friends. It was so great to receive them and read about what everyone was doing. I think we all miss out on a lot of joy with the new technology. Have fun with your pen pals! Great idea!


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