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So far this month I have given 30 presentations at Orientations for fall freshmen and transfer students attending the University where I work.  Tuesday I will give 4 more presentations to round out this month.  This is where I have basically lived the entire month of June.
The building on campus where all of our Orientations are held.  
After standing 4 hours giving 4 perky presentations in a row; this gal ain't stopping to snap photos in the evening.  I strip off dress heels and outfits for comfy shorts and t's.  The best I can show you is a few bathroom snap shots of a couple of awesome thrifty finds.
One of my recent and favorite finds is this Evan Picone dress.

My daughter spotted this beautiful blue while Goodwill shopping with me.  I love it.  Even though the tag says 'dry clean only''s been washed in my regular ole washing machine and line dried with no issues.  Bonus!
Cost less than $6 too.  Can't beat that.  Plus I always get compliments on it.
The other wonderful thrift find was the Elle top.  Ruffles are in style, great color and very comfortable fabric.  Not to mention cool for our hot summer Georgia days.
The skirt is several years old, but has the perfect colors to match this top!  I don't even remember where I picked up the skirt.  May have been a gift from my mom.   Yes, I am wearing a strap tank under it for modesty at work.  The tank was also a thrift purchase.

Have any of you been layering your bracelets?  I've noticed the style over on InstaGram (which seems to be all I have time for lately - quick looksies).  Here was a recent attempt of mine at layering.  It's FUN!
On another little fashion note:  I usually wear a burgundy wine color toenail polish.  My 20 year old daughter was shocked to see I decided to go all out and DARING this summer by painting my toes a pretty PINK that I found while picking up groceries in Walmart.
Now if I just had a little more time to spend by the pool showing them off!  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  My thrift shopping has been sorely lacking lately.  The LAST of the June Orientations are this week, so hopefully I will have a quieter July; along with some much needed time off.
Have you found any great thrift buys lately?  Share please!  Cause I'm going through withdrawals.  


  1. love the frilly top outfit! Hope thing mellow out for you soon. Have a great week! Carol

  2. Sherri, I do enjoying reading your blog, like outfits and menus. I hope you will soon have some well deserved time for yourself. Look forward to seeing you back to posting regular blogs. Have a good week. From a Middle GA fam

  3. You look stunning in the blue dress. It is your color. I love several bracelets, the gaudy look is so in:)


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