Supper Menu Plan 3.11.12

Technically my menu plan for the week usually runs from Saturday to Friday.  I usually grocery shop for the week on Saturday.  This week, I had everything for Saturday's meal; so I procrastinated until today to head into town.  My 20 year old daughter decided to bake cupcakes last night.
I may or may not have eaten 2 of them.  Without sprinkles.
No recipes this week, just easy standby meals.
Saturday (we had) - Fried chicken (leftover family pack of thighs) with creamed potatoes, english peas, biscuits and gravy.  I said this was more of an after church Sunday lunch, where you invite the preacher over.
Sunday - Grilled hamburgers, fries and baked beans (taking advantage of the beautiful weather!)
Monday - Field peas and cornbread
Tuesday - Leftover peas, cornbread with mac-n-cheese
Wednesday - Spaghetti with garlic toast
Thursday - Clean out the Frig
Friday - Pizza

For more menu plan ideas check out the Organized Junkie weekly Menu Plan Monday for over 300 links.
What day is your grocery shopping day?

Coming up Wednesday - Another 'Goodwill Glamorous Fashion' post; where my cheap shopping skillz morph into professional work wear.  Sometimes the outfits are just down right entertaining.  


  1. looks like a good week. I usually shop on Monday's. My husband is home so I can go on my own with out two littles.

  2. Looks like a great menu for the week. I always shop on Saturday to get ready for the next week.


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