InstaFriday, see me in my photos

Since I missed the last InstaFriday, I have more photos than the last time.  Here's a look into my life and me:
It had been a very long time since I had cooked French toast; I decided it would be a great Saturday morning breakfast.  Fun food.  Now you know I LOVE my thrift wardrobe.  I share my outfits each Wednesday.  Here's a peek...
into my closet.  Color coordinated blouses, a few pair of slacks and tons of skirts.  This is only a section.  Yep, I'm a clothes horse!  Shopping therapy for me is heading to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
We also LOVE donuts.  If you follow me on InstaGram (sherri9) or remember photos from here; you will know we have a local Dunkin Donuts.  My favorite donuts are from above.  YUMMY.  We picked up a dozen last Friday night for sweet weekend breakfast.  I may or may not have eaten one on the drive home.
Sunday found us with rare adult time.  We headed to a Barnes and Noble about 30 minutes from home.  I think I might download the above book on my Kindle.  Anyone read it?
While out we also grabbed a bite to eat at Red Robin.  It was our first visit.  While the BBQ chicken sandwich I ordered was delicious; I doubt we will return.  Just a bit too pricey for a fancy sandwich.  Much rather spend my money on a nicer meal for that price!
Picked up this brand new purse at my local Goodwill for $4.99.  Love the details.  A woman really can't have too many purses or shoes Right?  I thought you might agree. ;-)  You remember I live on a Farm?
Well, some people have exotic birds for pets.  We have a young turkey.  Yeah, I know.  It's a story to tell your city friends.  You can even send them over to the blog to prove it.  Oh and the's a dog crate.  That's how we roll down on the Farm.  He/she seems to like it.  Since he was the only one to hatch...he has an imaginary friend.  Please don't tell him, it's just his reflection in the mirror.
Blue skies.  We had temps in the mid 70's yesterday.  Is it really February?  Who cares! To soak up some sun, I decided to walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  I'm lucky that I work on such a beautiful campus.  
Even pretty Bella enjoyed being out in the warm weather.
Even a momma that does a weekly menu plan needs a break every now and then.  The cold hard truth is...I fed this to the fam this week.  
My favorite boots that are 2 years old.  All those stripes are part of a recent purchase. Cost?  99 cents from Salvation Army.  Such a big spender!   You can see the entire outfit in my upcoming What I Wore post on Wednesday.  Be sure to drop back in.  
How was your week?
life rearranged


  1. Looks like a fun week. Love your turkey. And your great thrifty finds, as usual! Have a great weekend Sherri!

  2. It was 71 degrees where I live yesterday and I was loving it! I wish I had a iPhone so I could use that phone app everyone seems to have now, jealous.

  3. Hi, Sherri. Just have to say that's my favorite store bought pizza. Yum! It's got at least 4 of the required food groups, right? So pretty good, I say.
    Love the thrifted purse. I just bought 4 more purses (among other things) last thrifting trip. They're just impossible to pass up at those prices! My purse collection is going to rival my shoes if I'm not careful. haha Have a good weekend!


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