Menu Planning (Halloween week)

I haven't published a menu plan lately, but that doesn't mean I have been planning out our menus.  My menu plans consist of our supper meals, which really helps this working mom!  Keeps the guess work out of 'what's for dinner?' and makes sure I only shop once for the week.  No hurried stops into a busy grocery store on the dash home in five o'clock traffic.  Usually my plan for the week begins on Saturday.  I plan out the menu then head off to the grocery store with my shopping list.  This saves me time in the store and money at the checkout line.  Here is what we will be eating around the family dinner table this week:
Saturday - Bacon Potato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches; applesauce for 'dessert'
                     ***This soup recipe is Yummy!  Great for the chilly temps we are having in Georgia
Sunday - Hobo Supper & Trunk-n-Treat at the church, with this little Cowboy
Monday - Crock pot Pinto beans with corn bread
Pintos and corn bread
Tuesday - leftover pintos with Mac-n-cheese
Wednesday - Easy Chicken and dumplings (made with dumpling noodles)
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - Crock pot Pork Chops with gravy, creamed taters and steamed broccoli
                   ***New recipe that sounds like a winner!

With Booger Bear in the house, I feel like I'm back to my 'young' Mommy years instead of the almost empty nester that should be with my age.  Although he is such a joy and keeps us young (or makes me feel older!  still deciding. Ha!).  So menu planning really helps manage our nightly routines.  Plus I love using my crock pot to assist with the nightly kitchen duties as much as possible.
 Are you a crock pot cooker?


  1. It all sounds sooooooo good. Reminds me, I think I will cook a pot of beans. Have a super week. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sounds like a great week of eats:) Have you ever tried extreme couponing? You can save tons of money!!

  3. Have you heard of "crock pot girls" on Facebook? They have hundreds of receipes.

  4. Dawn, I'm terrified of another 'addiction' LOL Although I wouldn't mind saving $$$!
    Marilyn - I am a fan of the Crock pot Girls! :-)


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