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Another week of sharing my 'Goodwill Glamorous' clothes.  I link up to a few blog parties of everyday ladies and mom's wearing every day clothes.  It's fun and I'm gaining new ideas on ways to make these 'cheap' clothes into glamorous outfits, mostly for work.  Plus a few 'new to me' outfits is about all I've been thrifting lately as I am purging, merging 2 homes and we are just starting on makeover projects down on the Farm.  (We have been remodeling the office and I am decorating a little boy's room on a budget.  Hopefully I will be posting photos of that soon!).
We've enjoyed really warm temps, so I'm wearing more skirts! Here's what I wore this past week ~
Wednesday - Work (featuring my 'new' Italian leather shoes!)
Me and the barn kitty.
Ruffled blouse, The Limited via Goodwill - $1.99
Animal print skirt, Briggs NY; Goodwill - $1.99
Mudd cloth belt, Goodwill - $2
Pratesi Italian leather shoes I found last week at Goodwill - $4
Necklace, Goodwill - $3.73
I think this is my new Favorite outfit!
Thursday - Work
I love this skirt!  You can't see the beaded detail in it, but it rocks.
Turquoise blouse, NY&Co, Goodwill - $3.99
Peach cami tank, Old Navy via Goodwill - 99 cents
Maxi multi skirt, Soft Surroundings; Goodwill - $3.99
My standby black leather belt, Goodwill - $2.00
Kim Rogers, Black sandals, Goodwill (brand new) - $4.00
Multi bead necklace & bracelet, Kohls
No Friday photo - Worked a bit, then off early.  Did find a couple of adorable wood decor items for Booger Bear's room at a huge church yard sale.  It's a work in progress, coming up soon.
Monday - back to work

Sag Harbor dress, Goodwill - $5.49
Taupe T (under dress), Target - old
Tan NY&Co blouse, Goodwill - $2.19
Tan/leather belt, Salvation Army - $1.00
Comfy Italian leather shoes again, Goodwill - $4.00
Same necklace as last Wednesday, Goodwill
Tuesday - Work
My outfit to 'feature' a bracelet I WON from an AWESOME fashion gal, Dawn over at Creative Cain Cabin.  Excuse the wrinkles and tired looking me.  My office help is off enjoying a conference this week and this photo was made after work, after dinner, almost dark-thirty tonight.
GAP blue blouse, Goodwill - $2.20
Tan Slacks, George brand, Goodwill - $4.59
Jazzed up with a silk scarf, worn as a 'belt', Salvation Army - $1.00
Deep purple loafers, Salvation Army - $2.99
A closer look at my new bracelet, which I love.
Bracelet - WON from  Creative Cain Cabin
Necklace, Goodwill - $3.73
Need a giggle?

I have to share this little 'out take' photo of the week from tonight. 
Yep, that is Booger Bear in a t, undies and monkey water boots after dinner, cause that's how we roll down on the farm!  He was bringing me a leaf (aka 'flower') from the tree.  No worries, it was 86 degrees this evening!
I'm linking in to these FUN fashion parties: 
Check them all out for some great ideas on styling what you have in your closet or just drop in your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for mine.  ;-)


  1. Hey Sherri!
    I just wanted to stop by and Thank You for your sweet comment and participation in my very first "What I'm For" Wednesday!
    I thought I'd also tell you that I took your advice and decided to continue! I made a linky and EVEN created a button!! :)

    Also, I think it is so very honorable of your for taking the guardianship of "Booger Bear"!
    My memaw had a dog and we called him that, but some how his name always got shortened to booger! I wonder why!

    I think I'm going to try my very first "What I Wore" Wednesday tomorrow too!!!
    What an exciting week!

    See You Soon!

  2. I agree, more skirts in the summer. I like them better than shorts. Love the maxi skirt with the turquoise blouse. I am still on the hunt for a maxi. Thanks for linking me to your bracelet, it looks great with your outfit. I see your new little on there is ever so cute:)

  3. oh i love these! and i love goodwill but haven't looked for clothes there before. i am going to have to try it, this is super inspiring, especially belts! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Love the scarf/belt! Woderful colors :)

  5. Love the scarf/belt! Woderful colors :)

  6. Love your Goodwill style and their prices! I haven't bought new in years and love finding great looks at the thrift shops! I also refashioned a bunch of things from my own closet a few weeks ago and it was great fun!

    I agree- love wearing skirts in the summer! We are still in winter mode here in CO though it did warm up a few days here and there. Cold and rain due today so it is long sleeves, jeans and silky long johns under neath today!

  7. ALways such great thrifted finds girl!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love love all your skirt. I've also thrifted a lot of skirt from Goodwill and SalvArmy. I am going to try using scarf as belt, brilliant idea.
    You are beautiful!


  9. nice outfits,, i especially like the last one with the blue top.

  10. I am loving your outfits. Such great finds from Goodwill! Using the scarf as a belt is fabulous! Great idea!

  11. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, love how you jazzed up the outfit with the scarf.. come back soon :-)

  12. That maxi skirt is beyond awesome!! I see why you are so excited about it, cause I want to steal it!


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