Marvelous Darlin, for less

I am so not a 'fashion' expert or even what most would describe as 'fashionable'.  By far, I am NOT a model either.  Just a country gal that loves a deal and thrifting a decent work wardrobe; while adding in some fun weekend wear along the way.
I hope that by sharing what I am wearing each week, it will inspire someone that can't afford the ritzy department store prices to put together a Goodwill Glamorous outfit allowing  their inner light to SHINE!  Cause I believe you can look Marvelous Darlin, for less. It's all in attitude and how you 'work it'!
Thursday - Work and a Retirement reception
Talbots blouse, Goodwill - $3.99
Sag Harbor, floral skirt, Goodwill - $1.99 (half off, color of the week!)
Belt, Ross - last year
Necklace and earrings, Kohl's - last year
Slide in shoes, Aerosoles - couple of years old
Missed getting Friday's photo (but all Goodwill and another 'new' skirt!) & a haircut
Saturday - Family Reunion and a Co-workers Wedding
Not sure if this was a hit or miss.  The dress would probably look better with my fancy black heels and  hose.  However, my feet wouldn't have been happy chasing a 3 year old all day in heels!
Being practical won today.
Sag Harbor dress, Salvation Army - $2.99
Tights, Target - $3.00
Boots, Belk's - gifted
Necklace, Goodwill - $3.73
Earrings, Goodwill - $3.53
Bracelet - gifted 
Monday - Work
Hey, it was either me and the mirror or a 3 year old photographer today.
The mirror won.
Plain v-neck t, Target - years ago (I love 'dressing' these up!)
Animal print cardi, Goodwill - $2.24
Black slacks, Goodwill - $4.59
Necklace, Kohl's (last year on clearance)
Bracelet - Mudd @ Kohl's, brown, black version
Black leather belt (same one I always wear!), Goodwill - $2
Tuesday - Work day, after a restless horrible storm night
No power last night to pre-plan my outfit.  Here's what was quickly tossed together this morning.
Striped Merona blouse (isn't that a Target brand?), Goodwill - $1.99
Coldwater Creek lightweight sweater vest, Goodwill - $1.99
Madison slacks, Goodwill - $2.30
Belt - can you guess? Same fav Goodwill leather
Necklace, bracelet - Kohls
The blouse has a pale green stripe in it, that doesn't show up well in the photos.
Booger Bear walked a bride down the isle Saturday!  He's a bit young for marrying yet.
He would be the handsome boy on the left.
While getting my Saturday shot, he wanted to be a 'model' too.
Wearing an Old Navy button up shirt with navy OshKosh pants - Goodwill.
Linking my Booger Bear into Small Style (check out these stylish little ones!).
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Are you a frugal fashionista?


  1. very nice outfits.. and super cute little boy.

  2. Love your Goodwill purchases. Great style!

  3. Sherri,
    Can't believe I have never seen your blog before. You are so stinkin cute. Love everything you find at GW. I am your newest follower. You should also check out Kris' blog everything she wears is from GW and fashionable like you.
    Also welcome to Creative Cain Cabin, so nice to have you as a follower:)

  4. Love your outfits! I'm thrifty but not in a thrift store way. Not patient enough for that. :)

  5. You have so inspired me to get out and shop at thrift stores. Your outfits are darling! I especially love the animal print with the belt. You rocked it!!!

  6. Love the Monday and Tuesday work outfits! The photo of your little cutie is so sweet!

  7. I love your "thrify" outfits. I don't have nearly the style or eye you do for putting things together, but I love it when I someone says something like "I love your jacket, where's it from?" And I answer "It's a Chico's", wait a moment, then say "and it cost me $3 at the thrift shop". I LOVE that I can find good name brands without the big price tags. I'll have to be more courageous about putting things together - you look fabulous!
    PS The little guy is adorable too :-)


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