Footloose 'remake' filming here

Do you remember the 1984 film Footloose starring Kevin Bacon?
I do!  Does that tell my age?  How about if I add I was already out of High School by that year?
Paramount Productions is remaking the movie and a bit of the filming will be in a small town just down the road.
On this bridge, this week.
This view takes me away to that sleepy little town where Ren McCormack caused a ruckus with the preacher's daughter and danced up a blue streak.

Sunday evening just before dusk, we rode down to Franklin, Georgia.
Picked up a couple of BBQ sandwiches at a roadside 'hut' where they've been cooking it up for years.
Then sat beside this river that Alan Jackson sings about (Chattahoochee).
A beautiful evening in a 'famous' small town, USA.
Serene and quiet.  Not for long.
Barber shop gossip in a small town is that they are filming a fight scene on the bridge.
If I get a chance to snag some photos of the film crew, I will share them.

Do you remember the original movie Footloose?

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  1. I loved "Footloose"! Jennifer Anniston is filming in our county right now too. I don't remember the name of the movie, but some have seen her around town.

    I live in Northeast Georgia, near Clarkesville, Cleveland, Helen.

    The Chattahoochee forks about 2 or 3 miles from my house, where the Soquee and Chattahoochee meet!

    Small World!

  2. They are remaking the movie!! I didn't know that!

  3. Kewelopolis! Yes, I remember the movie with Kevin Bacon. Wowza!
    Joyce M

  4. I remember Footloose the movie would be nice to watch the remake soon. Great shot!
    Watery Wednesday-The pond

  5. oh yes, Footloose! my girlfriends and i had a fun time at that movie.:p

    beautiful shots...the light is gorgeous!

  6. I love Alan Jackson. Nice to see the Chattahoochee (which just sounds so funny to me!)
    But, yes, I also remember the movie.

  7. I read that online, that they're doing a remake of the movie....I can hardly wait...LOVE the music!!! And such beautiful photos you've shared.

    My watery photos are shrimp boats coming in and a sailboat going out. Do stop by if you get a chance.

  8. Sherrie, you captured the perfect lighting on your photos!

    Yes, I am excited to see the remake, have seen the original Footloose!

  9. The remakes are never as good as the original was, in my opinion, but if the music is half as good I'll be there.

    That's so cool that they might film some in your town.

  10. Who could forget that movie??? So cool about the remake taking place so close to you Sherri!


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