Weekly Menu Plan

E-Mealz Breakfast for Dinner, from last week

Monday - Lasagna and garlic bread
Tuesday - Oven BBQ Chicken, baked sweet potatoes and broccoli (rolled from last weeks menu)
Wednesday - Pintos and cornbread
Thursday - Leftovers, add Potato salad
Friday - Loaded Baked potatoes, broccoli
Saturday - Pork Chops with baked apples
Sunday - Brunswick stew with crackers (picking up from local BBQ place)

This week is pretty simple and filled with old stand by meals.  Finally made the Bourbon Chicken Sunday night and it was easy, quick and delicious!
Bourbon Chicken and Rice
We also tried 2 recipes from E-Mealz last week and both were VERY good.  However, this week's selections were not to our taste buds.  So the above menu is built around meat we already have in the freezer.  Huge savings in grocery budget.  For hundreds of menu planning ideas check out Menu Plan Monday links at Organizing Junkie.

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