Blooms vs Pollen

This is my photo for Sweet Shot Tuesday.
Pollen count on Monday was 2492.
As beautiful as nature is blooming, She sure is making it hard to breathe.
Everything is yellow around here.
Cars, walkways, my carport.
I'm surprised my hair isn't yellow!
The pollen is thick and heavy in the air.
I love Spring weather.
Pollen, not so much.
No rain relief in sight.
Blooms, yellowness, coughing, sneezing.
Spring in Georgia.
How's it where you are?
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  1. well, since I'm in Ga too, I'm dealing with the same thing you are! last week I took the boys up to N. GA outlets and I think that day the pollen count was over 3000. that was when I realized that my oldest (5) had severe allergies. eyes swelled, choking, face turning red and blotchy. I couldn't get to the Benadryl fast enough! one thing that he said that broke my heart was "mom my head is hurting so bad its tearing me apart":( I just wanted to cry...

    sorry for being long winded! But yeah, we need some rain! BTW, how are you enjoying your magazines?!

  2. I'm still loving the flowers! I'm in Georgia too but we were out of town when the pollen count hit 5000. I just wish some of the flowers would last a bit longer. The hyacinths seemed to go so fast and I love them. Right now I have lilacs and tulips in the house. There are buds on my makes me so happy!!!

  3. Pollen count is crazy up in the northwoods as well. I'm not sure of the exact number, as I'm not an allergy sufferer! I hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. I know just what you mean. It's like, I want to enjoy this amazing season, but I can barely see it thru my swollen itching eyes! Fantastically pretty picture though. Love it!

  5. It's just as polleny in SC. At least we're in the upstate and not in the lowcountry...we visit down there every month or so and I can never believe the yellow dust everywhere. Great shot!

  6. Love the flowers with the vivid blue sky in the background!

  7. Crazy here (NC), too. I am waiting for my name to get flagged down at the pharmacy. With the amount of Advil Cold & Sinus I have been buying, they are bound to think that I am running my own meth lab...

  8. Beautiful blossoms against such a blue sky feels like spring! I love it. ~Diana

  9. What a gorgeous pic - love the colours.
    Shame about the pollen though :-(

  10. TX is covered in yellow too. Oh, but the bluebonnets are simply gorgeous!

  11. lovely photo! Luckily I don't have to deal with allergies, but I know people who do in our valley of sickness and I know it is not fun.

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