Got Gifts? Idea #4

Here is a very simple inexpensive gift idea for any candy lover on your list!
Using recycled Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino bottles.

Total cost is a little over $1 each.
The cost of 4 bags of M and M's (mine were on sale for $2 per bag).
I started by raiding my scrapbook paper stash.

You could very easily use leftover pieces of wrapping paper.
Just cut some strips about 2.5" to wrap the bottle.

Sorry for the glare on this photo!
I used a double sided tape runner
to adhere the paper.

The lids were spray painted red.
Add a bit of ribbon, also from my stash.
Then a Merry Christmas sticker.

I work at a University and will be giving these to my student workers at the office, along with a Christmas card.
You could fill these with Skittles, hot chocolate mix, spices, etc.
What?! You have TOO many neat crafty ideas
for Christmas and not enough time?
Well make a note of this for Valentines!

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I am working on another recycled jar gift and hope to post it later today!
I've also been putting the finishing touches on decorating around here.

Don't forget to check back.  I'm almost at my 100th post!


  1. This is Great! its almost exactly what my sis and I made a bunch of.. I will have a met. monday on it tomorrow on my blog. So cute, good job!

  2. Very cute!!!
    Hmm..this would be good for coworkers!

  3. Love the Gourds! Merry Christmas Sherri ;-)

    your friend,

  4. Super cute - I know I have lots of scrapbook paper ! I need to make little gifts for people...SOON !
    p.s. It has been snowing since last night and not stopped - we have a ton of you have snow too ???

  5. Janet - my mom painted one of the gourds!
    Kammy - no snow here :( Just bone chillin' COLD!

  6. This would be a very good teacher/teachers gift!


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