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I had the opportunity to take a basic photography class through my job last week.
I work at a University and the class was taught by one of our IT techies.
A short spill on cameras, lighting and the rule of thirds.
Then a cold stroll around campus for assignments.
Here are a few of my photos:

This is my favorite of the day.  Made with my little point and shoot.

The building in the background is where my office is located.

The highlight of the class for me was the Instructor shared about photo editing.
Did you know there is a FREE version of PhotoShop online???
I didn't!
You have to register, pretty simple.
Here is editing on the above photo in the online version:

So if you need a 'better' photo editing and like a bargain like me; try out photoshop online!


  1. Hi Sherri, I'm trying to catch up on visiting today and I see I missed you 100th post giveaway, darn! Congratulaitons though!

    All of your homemade gifts look so good and your Christmas decor is so sweet.

    I'll have to try the free photoshop, I'm using a limited version that came with my computer years ago but I can't access the fun stuff!

    Christmas Hugs,

  2. The pictrures look great. I have photoshop on my computr and I love having the ability to adjust any picture I take.

  3. Great pics and thanks for the tip, Sherri!...Christine

  4. editing is a "biggie" that i still don't have down-pat yet. looks like you picked up some great tips!

  5. You did a great job with your photos. I'm not a very good all! lol

    Thanks for the info about Photo Shop. I'll have to check that out!

    Also, thanks for entering my giveaway extravaganza...good luck!

  6. Such pretty pictures! Thanks for the link to the freebie -- I'm so excited!


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