$5 Christmas Decor Project

Target ain't got nothing on me! (My HS English teacher just moaned).  I teased you the other day with a photo of an unfinished project.  Here is my knock off of a pine cone Christmas Tree I saw in Target last week.

I started with this:

A cardboard tree cone from Hobby Lobby at 40% off ($2.49)
Sorry I'd already painted it brown when I took this photo!
I used leftover American Accents Expresso from my Hall Decor Project.
Gathered pines cones and a glue gun.

Careful holding the pine cones!  I ended up with a pointy tip in my finger.
Thankfully I have a friend that surgically  removed it with a needle and glasses.
Ok so it was tiny but it hurt!
I didn't cry though. *wink*

I just kept stacking on pine cones with hot glue.
I also cut the tip of the cardboard off for the top pine cone. 

I took raffia and made it into garland.
The pine cones held it into place.

One floral sprig of berries from Hobby Lobby (.99 cents @ 50% off)
I just pulled the berries off the sprig.

And stuck them around the pine cones.  The bendable wire on them helps.

Here was the inspiration I saw at Target
(sorry the photo is from my phone!)

Can you see that price? $14.99 for about the same size I made.
Again, here is mine...

I purchased the cardboard form ($2.49 and the berries $.99)
I had the paint, raffia and glue sticks.
Estimated cost around $5.
I love it!
A outdoorsy country feel for Christmas that didn't break the budget.
This is a huge hint to the theme I will be using for my big tree this year.
I can't wait to put it together and share it with you all!
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  1. That turned out great! Five dollars versus fifteen and yours looks "healthier" too if you know what I mean - not crumpled and sick like it was stuck in a box all the way from China.

  2. This is very cool, Sherri. I love when we can do a version (or better version in this case) of the overpriced items at the stores. Kudos to you on this one. I love it!! I'd like to give it a try! Thanks.


  3. I like yours better. It is just wonderful. What a great project. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  4. That looks great Sherri. I think I might have to try this with the cinnamon pine cones I bought.

  5. Yours turned out much better than mine. I really like it! I think finding some berries might just be what I need to add. I will have to try to find some.

  6. Love it! Much better than the store version.

  7. I saw those in Target yesterday. Yours are much better!

  8. That came out so cute! I wish I had a pine tree around my house. There are so many cute things to do with pine cones.

  9. What a cute project, you make it look so simple. One I have to try! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Sherri,
    I like yours even better! It turned out so lovely, thanks for sharing this tutorial with us! Cindy

  11. Very creative and I have a bunch of pinecones too.


  12. such a great idea! not only cute but cheap!yeah

  13. Oh it's perfect! I like yours better than the bought one! You're very resourceful! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. You did a great job and I think the berries make it perfect! Smart and frugal!

  15. This tured out great! Thanks for posting - I may have to try one of these!!

  16. I love it too! It is so wholesome. Sort of a nice break from glitter!

  17. Yours looks much better than Tarjay's!

  18. So cute! I thought about trying to do a pinecone tree. Now I will have to get serious about it!

  19. Love it! What a great way to spend $5!

  20. Fabulous! (And I don't use that word just for any old thing.)

    I gathered some pinecones before it started snowing here, and I'm thinkin' this is the perfect project for me. Thanks so much for sharing the "How To"!!!

  21. I really love this look...I'm doing a 'natural/rustic' look this year with lots of pops of red, so I'll be bookmarking this post. Thanks for the inspiration Sherri, and thanks for linking up to the party :o)

  22. Very cute. it is way better than the one from Target. you made it so it is even more special.

  23. Congrats on a beautiful job. Not only did you do it cheaper, you did it better! God's blessings, Sarah :D

  24. Great job! I love it. I'm trying to add some more natural decor to my holiday decorating. This is a great idea. Thank you so much for adding your inspiration to the DIY holiday party. I love it!


  25. Super cute! And definitely better looking!

  26. Much prettier than Target's! Good job and you'll love it for years since you made it from scratch! That's the fun of making stuff, don't you think?

  27. Great knock off Sherri! I can't believe the prices they try to get for somthing so simple!

    I got your sweet card today. I'm sorry I haven't kept up with you. I realized I didn't have you on my list but now I'm following. I'm so glad you're enjoying the placemats. I went back and got me a menu planner too! I hated hearing "what's for dinner" every night, especially since I seldom knew the answer!

  28. It turned out so great and looks as good or better than the Target one!!!

  29. love this, I may have to make one. You can use a styrafoam cone too. (SORRY SPELLING) great job!

  30. So cute! I love the pine cones!

  31. How adorable is that tree!? I love it. I'm going to try to make one of those to!

  32. Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! :) Good job!! Dontcha just love finding cute things at Target...then going home to make them for a FRACTION of the price?!?! :)

    So, whatcha gonna do with those cute little Dollar Store birdies? I pondered over them AGAIN yesterday -- but didn't know what I'd use them for! HA!!

  33. I love it! I bet you could use the scented ones, too. (Michael's with coupon = cheap) and it would look pretty and smell good, too!

  34. I thought that I became a follower of yours. Then I started wondering why your updates were not in my dashboard. I realized that I was not a follower...Anywho I am now!

    Hey I just saw these in Target tonight and debated weather or not to buy them. I'm glad I did'nt because now I'm going to try to make them!

    Whoohoo for blog friends!

  35. Well it's not old to me 'cause I'm 51 so I'm older, lol!

    I love that your son is a police officer, I come from a long line of 'em, though most of my family members are retired (except for my cousin).

    I really wish I'd been talking to you on your cell phone when you were looking for it...hehehe!

    I loved what you made and am going to have to follow you for some more great ideas!

    ~ Nan

  36. It looks WAY better than the store bought one too!

  37. Hi, I found your blog at Somewhat simple" and I am glad I did!

    I am a swede, living in the Dominican Republic, working with photography and mixed media.

    I love your idea for a christmas decor project! So easy, so lovely!

  38. Sherri, that is neat! I really like it. I think I have everything I need to make one too. Maybe after Thanksgiving.... Your tree does look much nicer than Targets!

    Thanks for you kind comments about my basket and gift tags. I do love to reuse things as much as possible, I always love the feeling of using up every last scrap!

    Thanks for linking up to A Handmade Christmas again!

  39. LOVE THIS!!! and I will be stealing it, too. How smart! It was such a beautiful day today--hopefully there will still be some sun for you tomorrow! I saw that it was supposed to be raining sometime this weekend, but I'm just not sure. If it does rain, it will give you more time to work on those ornaments!

  40. It is very interesting for me to read that blog. Thank author for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

  41. I gathered pine cones last week, not knowing for sure what I would do with them...well, know I'm pretty sure I know! Great knockoff...I actually like yours much better than Target's!

  42. It was extremely interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

  43. I certainly like the price of your tree instead of buying one. I found GIANT pine cones on Hilton Head and would like to make one but do you know if I should treat them against bugs some way before making this?

  44. Wow, Sherri! I like yours better than Target's! Great $5 project!...Debbie

  45. That turned out great! I actually like yours better than the Target version!

  46. very fun idea and you did such a great job.


    barbara jean

  47. very cool craft project on a budget - tfs :D

  48. I love them! there soo cute!!
    And Cheap! I love it when I can make something for less then in the stores! :)

    -The Creative HouseWife!

  49. LOVE it! Can't wait to try! Thanks for sharing!

  50. Yours looks so much BETTER than the Target version! I see these all the time and love them. I may find time to make one this year...another link at the party showed how to bleach pinecones...wouldn't a bleached pinecone tree be delightful!!!!


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