A Fall Quickie

A quick, simple and frugal fall wreath for my front door.
I was on furlough days from work last Thursday and Friday.  Rainy on Thursday, so I hit a new found junk store and the Goodwill.  Came home with some items I will be sharing soon.  On Friday, my niece, her fiance and my teen daughter helped clean up the 'jungle' that once was my porch.  We cut down most of the shrubs, a small tree and trimmed back the remaining shrubbery.   Looks MUCH better!  I can see my itty bitty not really a porch.  I decided my front door needed a little something something.

A trip to Hobby Lobby and I now have a fall wreath.

Vine wreath - Hobby Lobby, 50% off - $2
Berry sprigs(2) - Hobby Lobby, 50% off - $3
Leaf garland - Dollar Tree - $1 (had at home)
Pine cones - FREE (thank you Tracey!)
Misc. Ribbon

Warmed up the glue gun, stuck on the items, looped the ribbon and hung my new $6 Fall wreath.

Myself and teen missy are feeling a bit under the weather today.  Sure hope we are NOT getting sick!
I'm linking in to DIY Day over at A Soft Place to Land.  Stop by and check out all the awesome Do It Yourself Projects!
**Edited to add:  For some Fall projects visit Creations by Kara for her very 1st linky party.


  1. Looks fab up against your red door and you can't beat that price! Nice!

  2. I'm all for a great bargain...and this one definately delivers. And I agree, it looks great against your red door!
    Hope you are feeling better soon...rest today...play tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful! I want a red door like that!!!

  4. Hi Sherri, so glad you came by, I know that Hobby Lobby and Michaels have sure made MY life easier, but they've also made my pocketbook lighter. ha ha! Great door decor!
    Have a great week.

  5. i want a red door and a wreath! it looks super!

  6. Just perfect! I love that front door of yours~

  7. Awesome Blog! I've never been a very good cook but I keep trying! Stop by my blog and follow me...I'm following you on twitter and your blog!

  8. Oh my goodness Sheri!! You HAVE to go to IKEA!!! It is amazing! Just make a day trip out of it!!!

  9. I like your Fall wreath! It's really cute. You've inspired me to go out and find us one :)

  10. So cute! It's great that you decorate with whatever space you have.

    Now I have to check out the rest of you blog, I love any blog that has the word "shine" in it. ;)


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