Freaky Friday!

I just loved that movie. When it came out, my daughter and I went to see it for a 'girls night out'. I found out at times I can be a 'fun sucker' too and just suck the fun right outta things! Ha! So my daughter tells me.

I took a vacation day today to get some errands done...basically this morning my daughter and I have been running around town looking for a 'deal' on tires for the POS-10 (her hand-me-down truck). She has a 'hot' date tonight with her boyfriend, so time could not be wasted. Miss 'Thang' needed to get back home and get beautified. They are doing the V-day stuff early to beat the rush. I'm thinking others will be doing the same thing!

I did work on a cute little project this morning that I will share tomorrow in honor of Valentines Day. So be sure to SAVE the 'hearts' that your hubby, boyfriend, significant other...whomevah gives you tomorrow. Ya know the plastic one with all the candy in it that we don't need to eat and he is out buying on his lunch break today! You can upcycle them into a cute little craft. I will show you mine.

Yesterday after work I went to have my hair cut. I should tell you that I am the daughter of parents that were/are both hairdressers. I have been a hair 'model' at hair shows, where you just let them have at it and have at it they do! I have really good hair, so I've been told. I say it's my best 'feature' only because I get compliments on it at Walmart, at the gas station, the grocery store, heck almost every where. My friends find it amusing to count just how many people will comment on my hair during a shopping day. I'm just lucky to have good genes. Plus I grew up in the 'beauty shop'! I took a photo in yesterday of a cut/style I wanted to try. You know the type of women that bring in a photo of a movie star and say, "I want to look JUST like THAT!". Knowing that poor hairdresser is thinking, 'honey, me and 3 plastic surgeons ain't gonna get you looking like her.' Well that is exactly what I did! I took in a movie star hair 'do' picture. Luckily I have known my hairdresser for about 10 years. She knows my personality. Calls me a nut! I explained that No, I did NOT want to have to blow my hair dry...because I haven't blown it dry in another many number of years. And I still wanted to achieve that 'star' affect that has people gasping in the grocery check out and asking for my autograph (well not really, just my hairdresser's phone number). In 25 minutes from shampoo bowl to check out .... I had my kinda new style and a fresh cute 'do' and paid her $1 a minute so that she can keep up her identity of "hairstylist to the not so famous". Here is my best 'movie star' diva photo while sitting in the car this morning at the tire shop. Sounds all Hollywood right?


  1. Wow! You do have great hair! :)

  2. No blowdry?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! Girl, that's a great cut!! Does she ever go north (like way north)? hehehe..... $1/minutes was very worth it!

  3. I had to laugh at this -- I do that to my poor hairdresser, too...last time it was to make me look like Katie Holmes...YEAH, RIGHT! But, your hair is adorable! And I love your earrings, too. Did you get them on Etsy?


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