Manic Monday

So the day didn't start out well at all! I'm driving into work; the entire 2.5 miles and as I am turning IN to the campus (I work at a U) .... my car begins making this horrible noise that sounds like the fan is devouring the engine. Oh JOY! I coast into the parking lot. I mean seriously, it's Monday.

I call the mechanic. You know, the guy you want to be your friend, but you'd rather NOT go visiting often! Tell him my woes, I'm sure all the while sounding just like a woman. It's making this racket you see. Ha! I call my mom, the only human I know not working today. She had set up a few morning appointments, can't come til later. Mom is a beautician and usually off on Monday's. She has to keep the world a better looking place for all of us. It was her rotation to clean the beauty shop and then she was stopping by to cut a lady's hair that is home sick. House calls??!!?!?? Does your beautician make house calls?????? Oh right, my mom is 73! From the old school.

The plot of my dramatic morning thickens. How to get the car to the shop? How to get lunch, since I skipped breakfast? How to get back to work? Does the car need towing? Will it blow up?

I leave for lunch. The car starts. I am driving it across town and it keeps making this noise. Like you are holding paper in a fan only 500 times worse and LOUD. I get to the shop and the guy goes out to listen. I'm reading some home decor magazine in the waiting room and listening to some bad court scene playing out on the television in the room. Loverly. I hear the rocket engine banging around outside, then he turns off the car. Ten minutes later, I hear my car start and just hum it's regular engine tune. I toss the magazine and head out there. This is the culprit of the blood curling, money flying out the window to repairs ...rocket engine in flight and NO this IS NOT a 'junk' store find though it appears to be ...sound:

A cap off a motor mount that fell down beside a belt. Yes, a part needs replacing, but I can drive the car without it. Too busy at the office today to call back and find out how much the part will be. Just glad the car is still running another day!

There was GOOD news today! I won a SWEET give away from Casii over at . Here is the loot:
Can't wait to play with those roller stamps! They will be a new item for me!!! How fun! THANK YOU Casii!! See there IS a bit of Sunshine even on a cloudy day. *wink*


  1. well at least you dont have to hear that noise and hey YOU DID WIN SCRAP GOODIES!! THose rolly things are fun!!! hope it isnt expensive!

  2. hi there stranger! thank you so much for posting on my LO at 2peas! sweet! how have you been? life is pretty good with me, i don't get to visit the girls at scrappy arts nearly as often as i should! i put your blog in my bloglines so i can keep in touch! take care!


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