What I've Worn to Work

If you follow along on Faceboook or InstaGram you may have already seen these outfits.  While I don't have a ton of time to write blog post these days, I share tons more on Facebook and InstaGram about what I'm wearing, what we are doing, all the farm critters and even what we are having for supper.  I menu planned my entire month this month!!!  Err, sorry that's another post entirely.  On to...a a bit of what I've fashioned to wear to work out of my recent thrift finds:
I love this purple top!  Recently found at my local Goodwill store, it's soft and flowing.  Feels like pajamas, looks dressy with the ruffles around the v-neck.  Topped with my pale green cardigan for chilly mornings.
That purple necklace was also a thrift purchase!
This top and skirt are both thrift finds.  Another top with ruffles for fanciness.  This skirt is supper comfy with an elastic waist.  My sandals are new from Belk's.  I just couldn't find any comfortable ones to wear to work anywhere.  At least these were on sale!  My feet love me for it.
This outfit is not very flattering but I promise the pops of color were cute.  All thrift - skirt, top and short sleeve cardi.
Here let me take your mind off of how frumpy that fashion not statement was to this...
A new dress.  Love the 3/4 sleeves with our mixed up Mother Nature in Georgia.  Classic black and white screams 'together'.  Yes, I bought it at Goodwill for a bit over $5.  The black necklace is also a thrift buy.
Then it's casual Friday at the office.

I paired up my thrifted LLBean skirt, with my Liz Claiborne denim jacket from Goodwill over a hand-me-down top and a gifted scarf.  Do you see a trend forming here?  COMFY!  Yep, I've decided I'm not trying to be a fashionista ...I just really want to be comfortable.  Ha!

Not an entire outfit photo, but I picked up this cute skirt last week at Goodwill and wore it to work 2 days later, right after it was tossed in the washer. ;-)
My toes match.  Oh and you can't see all of them but I also purchased brown sandals for summer, on sale.  I spent more on my shoes than my outfit.  Such is the life of a Goodwill addict.

What have you been wearing?  All the rain we've had I should have purchased rain boots instead of sandals!

pleated poppy


  1. Very nice outfits - I love GW Boutique!

  2. That black and white dress is gorgeous! All great finds.
    Glad you got some comfy shoes. I've thrifted a million pair or so :) and at least half of them end up being non wearable for anything more than 1 hr max.

  3. Great finds! I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Come check out Sunshine Pen Pals and join the fun!


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