Finally more Goodwill Fashion

Yes, it's been for.ev.ah.  I know!  I have terrible lighting inside and it's dark by the time I get home, so photos are snapped in restrooms, mainly at work.  Which aren't really the 'best'.  You've been warned!
Let's go casual.  I absolutely LOVE this pullover sweater vest find.  It's comfy and warm, without being heavy.  Perfect over a sale priced Target T, paired with a Target scarf that was a Christmas gift from my little Bear.  Jeans are also thrifted.  Check out that bright funky purse!  Yep, another Goodwill discovery.
It's time for work Ladies!  And my favorite outfit of this post:
This newly found thrifted pale green cover up is so soft, but really thin.  Perfect for the days when Mother Nature decided to hand Georgia a warmer Winter day.  Tossed on over a long sleeve Target T again and add a chevron infinity scarf (from Rue 21 last year on sale).  I'm also wearing new to me grey slacks from Goodwill. Plus a haircut!
Not the best photo, but I LOVE this thick soft Liz cardigan I picked up from Goodwill.  The scarf was a clearance find after the holidays at Khols.  The blue shirt and black guessed it - Goodwill.
Do you carry different purses for work and play?  I found the perfect work purse recently from the G store (that would be blogger change up wording for Goodwill).
Don't know if it's a big brand or not.  Doesn't matter to me, for $4 it's great for work for as long as it lasts.
I tried layering 2 blouses with the printed underneath.  It was fun to try, so was trying 2 necklaces.  Total thrifted outfit. - Navy slacks, Navy belt, both blouses.

That is some of What I've worn lately!

pleated poppy


  1. Love all the bright colors you wear, and your hair is so cute:)

  2. You made some really cute outfits with some great mix and match pieces! Can I have the pink Liz cardigan, please, lol?!

  3. Stunning! I just became a big fan of Goodwill - I have found some AMAZING treasures! The best yet was a suit for hubby - $20 Burberry London - $1400 in the store!

    1. Pamela - Don't they have awesome stuff? Just gotta keep at it and dig in! I found my son a Brooks Brothers dress shirt. No one will evah know. ;-)

  4. Great outfits! Love the light aqua sweater. Looks so soft and comfy!

  5. I can tell you love your scarves. They are a quick way to add a bit more personality to any outfit!

  6. You have such a great eye! I wouldn't think to put some of those items together yet you made it look so good. I love shopping at Goodwill and have lots of items I've picked up. I'm going to have to start layering more...and love your hair!


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