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Several of my Facebook fans have asked several times for updates on my thrifty wardrobe.  So I have put together a mix of what I have been wearing.  Most of these outfits were worn to work.  Let's get the bad photo out of the way first.  Eyes closed and not very flattering!  Plus it's the wonderful work restroom snapshot.
I've decided I really like the high waist band on dresses.  This style helps hide my gut.
Yes Ladies, I've gained weight and it's one of the reasons I haven't been too thrilled about snapping pictures of myself and even less excited to post them for everyone to see.
Dress by Catos - Thrift (either Goodwill or Salvation Army)
Necklace is Goodwill
I love this top.  Dressy enough for work, casual with a pair of jeans.  It's also cotton, like a T.  Super comfy.
Top, skirt, belt and necklace - Thrift purchases.
Notice I didn't wear the belt tight.  Loose worn belts are another way to hide that middle section.
This shift dress is like wearing a night gown.  
I usually wear a shirt with it.  
Here is the same dress layered early last fall.
The day I wore the dress to work without the shirt, I received tons of compliments on it.  
All I could think was I've worn this dress several times over the last couple of years, only with a shirt.
Dress is a Goodwill purchase.
I've worn this to work with a cami under the top, because it is very low cut.
Recently my daughter and I attended a friend's outdoor wedding.
The top is a Goodwill purchase mixed with a skirt I've had for years and a faux pearl necklace.
I almost didn't share the next photos....because...
I was super tired, after a long work day and it shows.
However, I love this little Boho looking NEW dress found thrifting at Salvation Army.
I think I paid $2.99 for it.
The name brand in it is Magic.  Never heard of it.  I just love the colors.
Our Georgia mornings have been cooler this week.  So I tossed on my thin thrifted cardigan.
Later in the day, it was warm enough to shuck it.
The necklace was purchased at Goodwill.  
I wore bracelets, but had already removed them before I walked outside for the picture.
The brown and yellow beaded bracelet was a recent Target clearance purchase for less than $2.
I love the details on the bottom of this dress.
Sewn in beads.
I saved the best for last!  What I wore today:
This entire outfit (except my earrings) is THRIFT!
The shoes, purse, skirt, top, cami and necklace.
High waist band on this top, along with pops of red.
I like how this outfit made me feel.
There you have it.  More thrift outfits.  The cold hard truth of why I haven't posted my outfits.  The eyes closed and tired photos, along with a wedding photo and this last one that I actually love.
pleated poppy
Are there times you just don't feel up to your best?
Does it make you want to hide?


  1. LOVE that you find such great things at the thrift (I do too!!). I feel your pain sista for the end of the day pic's....I know I'm not nearly as peppy by the end of the day!!

  2. I don't see any extra pounds on you. I think you look great. I agree high wasted items can cover lots of sins. LOL Love you in the wedding outfit. I like the ruffles on the top.

  3. You are a thrifting super hero! Hats off to you!!

  4. Good job Sherri on your finds & combos. I can't seem to find such great deals. I need to go with you sometime. :) Love that last outfit & the pink with ruffles..looked like you were enjoying yourself.

  5. I like your body as it is! You´ve got gorgeous dresses, I wish I live near you so that I can thrift shop a lot of pretty things too.

  6. Glad to see you posting on blog again, always look forward to your thrifty outfits, menus & recipes. Love the Boho dress, so colorful and cheerful, but you look great in all the outfits. I like to shop at Godwill, but do not find all the bargains you wear, you are an inspiration by showing us how to mix & match clothes. Have a good week, enjoy the cooler weather in GA. From a middle GA. fan

  7. I love your sense of style and how you pull together your thrifted outfits - and I think you look marvelous! We are so hard on ourselves sometimes, when we need to see ourselves through other people's eyes :-)


  8. You really knwo how to "get it together", girl. I especially love the pink top ruffled outfit you wore to the wedding, and the last outfit with the red, white and black!

  9. Always fun to see your fabulous thrifted outfits!


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