Thrift Outfits I Wore and Purchased

Does life sometimes feel like you are stuck in the middle of a tornado?  Or is that just my life?!
This week leaves me photo lacking after taking Friday and Monday off from my 8-5'er.  My office is gearing up for college freshman orientation sessions.  We see EVERY student beginning next week through the end of June.  Usually these are 2 day events averaging 300 students with their parents.  It's what we do.  :-)
During my time off, I did a bit of thrift shopping.  On Friday I hit up my local Goodwill store.  Here is the haul, minus one really pretty black dress:
All of the tops are from Goodwill.  The 2 necklaces however are from Cato's, with the blue one being a clearance deal.  I just loved the Owl and he wasn't a bad price at $7.99.  The white top still had the store tags (Kohl's).  The blue button up is short sleeved and will be used as a cami cover for a maxi sun dress; making the outfit work appropriate plus hiding my old lady flabby arms.  I wore the Loft top (one with the necklaces on it) this past weekend on a family picnic by the river.  You may want to advert your eyes and scan to the next photo.  Knobby knees and old lady flabby arms in plan view!
Very comfy top by Loft via Goodwill
Shorts by NY and Company - Goodwill
Necklace - Goodwill
Earrings - thrifted
Bracelet - gifted
Sandals - at least 3 years old
We stopped in our local fast food joint (BBQ hut).  What did you expect in the Boonies?  Then headed down to the Chattahoochee (Yep, the river that Alan Jackson made famous in a song).  Bear enjoyed tossing sticks into the river, then playing on the playground at the park.
Sunday brought about a Mom/Daughter bonding day and we headed out to a couple of our favorite Goodwill stores.  Here is my loot from that day:
The one top is navy, not black as it appears in the photo.  The native print skirt is actually a Liz Claiborne and so totally me.  I WISH I could wear this beauty I had to leave at the store:
This dress is perfect for the office.  Unfortunately I am NOT a size 6, nor was I at my smallest.
Loved this one too:
Still had the store tags on it.  Oh so adorable.  Again, not my size.  
Just proving you CAN find awesome items; it just takes digging and tons of patience!
This is a totally thrift outfit.
The skirt and top are from the weekend's shopping trips.
Skirt is Worthington via Goodwill
Top from Kohls (new with store tags) via Goodwill
Necklace - Goodwill
Earrings - Thrift boutique
Shoes, Italian brand - Goodwill
I'm really glad my 20 year old daughter talked me into picking up the stripe skirt!
We are heading into 90 degree weather for the Memorial Weekend - What are your plans?
I hopefully will be sitting by the pool with my Kindle!
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