What I Did and What I Wore doing it

Whew!  It's been a busy couple of weeks with life and work.  Last week, I worked 3 major events on campus (if you didn't know I work for a University).  So here is a peek into what I 'did' and what I wore while doing it rolled into one post.  Because my life is so very interesting I have to catch you up.  Ya don't wanna miss this.  Ha!  I mean the earth might tilt or something if ya did.  At least some of it is exciting.  Just you read and see.
On Sunday before last, I worked Preview Day at the U.  Where prospective students and their parents visit the university for a tour and one huge meet-n-greet with departments, student organizations, etc.
On Tuesday, I worked my 8-5'er then went back in at 9:30pm for what we call 'Midnight Breakfast' from 10pm to midnight.  Here is a snapshot of part of my outfit from that night.  Because of course, I changed from my day wear to a comfy casual work night outfit.
Here's a picture of my boss, my Marketing intern student and me; taken in our cafeteria around 11pm.
I am wearing a new find thrifted blouse!
Navy Blouse by Crazy Horse (Liz Claiborne) - Goodwill
Khaki slacks - Goodwill
This night I ran around greeting students, snapping photos and hunting door prize winners with a megaphone.
For real.
I've also picked that up from my students.  For real.  ;-)
On the home front:  We hatched around 50 baby quail!  
and while I worked Preview Day, friends put together this for Bear:
One happy little boy!
On Thursday, the U had Spring Fling for the students.  A fun carnival type event with loud music, inflatables and popcorn.

My department once again had door prizes for students.  Here I am with 2 of my student workers, on the left the sweet Miss Hannah and on the right, my wonderful Marketing intern, Miss Ashton.
I had on a lime green blazer all day, but hauling boxes out to the field had me showing off my flabby old lady arms.  Yikes!  It's time to do some walking for this gal!
Purple maxi dress, by Venezia - Goodwill
Scarf from Target - gifted
Earrings - Thrift boutique
This dress is like wearing a night shirt.  It's 95% rayon and OH so comfy!  Although it does nothing to flatter my figure.  Seriously, it makes my butt look big; while doing the Electric Slide on the grass lawn with a bunch of college students.  I have the pictures to prove it! You may want to shield your eyes:
Caught!  By my marketing intern with a run away camera.
After all that 'work' (and I use that term loosely because it was also lots of fun), I deserved a night out on the 'town' right?  Nod your head ladies!  Cause this is the 'exciting' part:
Remember, I'm a country gal, living on a farm in a small town?  Country music it is!  I purchased tickets about a month ago because The Band Perry was in concert at our very own University.   Did you catch that?  My big night out on the town involved me, my sister, her hubby and the farmer heading to.... you guessed it.  My 'office'.  Technically the concert was held in the Coliseum.  Because my office wouldn't hold the over 4000 people that attended.  ;-)  
We enjoyed the concert.  Sang along to their songs. My favorite of the night was their rendition of Amazing Grace.  And what did I wear?
A beautiful Fiorlini International crocheted top over a Victoria Secret's cami - both from Goodwill. 
 Jeans from Belks.  
Bracelet and necklace were gifts from my mom.

There you have it.  Sherri's wild and adventurous life.  What I have been doing and some of the thrifty duds I wore doing what I do.    Since this is all the outfit photos I could manage, I'm sharing with the weekly WIWW over at The Pleated Poppy.  Plus most of them are from InstaGram, because I always seem to have my iPhone with me - so linking in with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.  Stop by for inspiration from both of these amazing ladies.
pleated poppy
life rearranged
What exciting things have been happening in your world?
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  1. Sorry, I can't compete with you, Sherri! I do have to say though, that I LOVE that crochet top! You did good, girl!

  2. adorable baby birds, i love the crochet top, amazing!

  3. stopping by from life rearranged...cool pics! Looks like you had tons of fun!!!

  4. Sounds like good times Sherri! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing Sherri. My world is back on it's axis now! You're too funny. Glad you enjoyed the concert.


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