Spring Thrift Clothes in Different Sizes

Grab a church fan and start waving ladies, cause it's HOT in Georgia!  We have had temps in the 80's this past week.  Thankfully the next few days are back to normal Spring days with cooler weather moving in.
Wednesday - work and then Church Egg Hunt with Bear
Top, NY and Company - Goodwill
Skirt, Merona - Goodwill
Belt - Goodwill
Bracelet - Gift from Mom
Necklace - old from Kohl's 
Target sandals - not shown
Love the details on this skirt.
Secret:  the skirt is a tad big for me, so I tucked the top and used a belt.
I also have to share Bear hunting eggs in his thrifty duds.  He had a blast and ended up with a bucket FULL of eggs.
See all the eggs on the playground behind him?
Thursday - work
This photo shows our long drive, down on the farm.
Sandra Darren Dress - Goodwill
Sandals - Goodwill
You may remember this dress from a winter look.  Comfy, easy.  Will be my 'no brainer' for Summer.  Not sure these are the 'best' shoes for this dress, but I'm not trying to shake up the fashion world.  These very slight heels work well if I have to tromp across the university campus.
Monday - Work
Here is my try at thrifty spring brights color blocking.
'New' H & M skirt - Goodwill, $3.99 (a find this week)
Blouse - Goodwill, from this score, $1.99
Belt - Salvation Army, 99 cents
Necklace - Rue21 on clearance for $2
Not too bad for 9 bucks!
Then you have to toss in my new Target sandals at $20.  I have been on the thrift search for a bright pair of sandals to mix in with my work wear.  So far, no luck in my size.
The top and skirt were found on separate shopping trips, in different Goodwill stores. 
Yet, I love how the material is the same, just different colors.  That already wrinkled look.  Which is great for this busy mom that hates ironing.
 Tuesday - Work
Dress Barn skirt - Goodwill (another recent find) LOVE the details on it.
Black tank top - Walmart, last summer
Blouse, NY and Company - Goodwill 
Belt - Salvation Army
Sandals, Fioni - Goodwill (recent find)
Confession:  This blouse won't button without it looking like I am trying to bust out of it.  Not that I am overly blessed, it's my mid-40's tummy roll I have gained over the last year.  So instead of tossing said blouse, I am wearing it as a 'cover up' and still getting some use out of it.  

So there is one skirt that is too big for me and a blouse that a wee bit too tight in this week's thrifty Goodwill Glamorous fashions.  It doesn't have to cost a pretty penny to look good!
Do you wear different sizes but make them work?
Tell me your fashion 'secret'.
pleated poppy
Thrifters Anonymous


  1. Love your Tuesday look. The black and blue together look stunning, and the skirts detail is adorable. Also the new Target sandals are stunning. You look cute as every:)

  2. Lovely looks! Easter with Bear looks to be a joy! I was just telling my 16 year old son that Easter without little ones...just not the same!

    Happy Easter Sherri!

    1. You are right Tamera; Holidays aren't the same when they grow up. I'm experiencing it for a 2nd time round; as my children are 20 and 26. I have custody of Bear, my 4 yo nephew. It's a joy.

  3. Your outfits look great! I am SO envious of your warm temps. Our temps today are a high of +6F (Canada)! Huff! And, yes, I have a fashion "secret" as well. My red turtleneck now has tiny pinholes in it where the turtleneck part is separating, so I'm now turning it around, and I wear it backwards. I'm on the lookout for another red turtleneck, but in the meantime, I say, what the heck! So, you go girl!

    1. Reuse, reuse, keep using. LOL Great on switching it around. Good luck on the hunt.

  4. Love your Tuesday outfit, you are so creative with matching outfit colors.
    Happy Easter to you and family, from a middle Georgia fan. Yes, we are having warm temps. in Georgia, hope it will be cooler for weekend and good weather for Masters.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment Theresa! Happy Easter to you and your family also. :-)

    2. i'm in MID GA too.. The weather here has been HOT. capris, sandals & sleeveless everyday for me

  5. I always look in all the size sections of the thrift store, so I end up with quite a range. If something is too big I belt it or alter it. If it's too small, such as a blouse, I'll wear it unbuttoned with something under it. Sometimes I'll add stretchy side panels. Love all your finds!

  6. I'm a big fan of animal prints. Love the leopard print dress!

  7. Love all of your outfits.. They are so pretty. IT is HOT here in GA so I have packed up all the winter and broke out the summer & hitting the Goodwill every chance I get..


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