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Or maybe not so 'glamorous'!  The reason I originally chose to call it Goodwill Glamorous, is because most people do NOT view the Goodwill store as not such a glamorous place.  I post weekly to show you how I buy really inexpensive thrift clothes and work them into my professional wardrobe.  My closet is probably 90% thrift items!  If I can do it, so can you.  I love being able to dress for less.  So let's take a look at my thrifty semi-glamorous fashion outfits this week:
Wednesday - work
I love my brand new shoes, found at Goodwill, just not with this outfit.  I had no idea they really looked this bad, until I saw the photo!  Momma says, Photos don't lie.  Too dark with the skirt and they make me look 2 ft tall by drawing WAY too much attention instantly to my feet.  Live and learn.  Note to self:  Do not wear these shoes with this skirt again.  I also need to remember to try and have a smashing outfit for my 1st up, instead of this weeks dud.
Skirt - 99 cent no name buy from Salvation Army
Blue top (actually sleeveless), Rafaella - Goodwill
Red cardigan, Emma James (Liz C company) - Goodwill
Red belt - Salvation Army
Shoes, Sag Harbor - Goodwill, $4
I like this outfit from the waist up.  ;-)  And I love the pleated skirt.  Separately. 
Thursday - work
Pay no mind to the weird angle of my bobble head.  Let's focus on the clothes; which to me were just fun!
Multi-color top, with sequins/beads, Chico's - Salvation Army
Maxi black skirt with fringe around bottom, Harve Benard - Goodwill
This skirt probably isn't suppose to be a maxi, but it is on me.  It also 'swishes' when I walk.  Comfy too.
Black boots, 2 years old - gifted
Friday - work, Preview Day (so no jeans for me)
A photo that was snapped working the Preview Day is all I have.  Why my slacks look so wrinkled is beyond me!  The material is very comfy though.  Does that count?  The blouse is short sleeved (it was in the 70's!), but I thought I needed the cardigan to pull off a bit more polished business casual.
Purple cardigan, Worthington - Goodwill, $2.49
Green bow blouse, Simply Chloe Dao - Salvation Army, 99 cents!
Cream dress slacks - Salvation Army, $2.99
Bracelet - gifted
Also wearing the above flats, which are Italian Leather Shoes by Pratesi - Goodwill, $4.00
Total outfit - $10.47
Monday - work

Having a 4 year old photographer means you might lose your head.  At least in photos. ;-)  Bear exclaimed proudly, "Look, Aunt Shewwi, I GOT your shoes!".   Why yes you did (big smile and excited voice), thank you!  As my inside voice asked, where is my head?
Taupe long sleeve T, LOFT - Goodwill
Green sweater vest, Sonoma - Goodwill
Skirt, Donna Ricco NY - Goodwill
Belt - TJ Maxx, over 2 years old
Scarf - gifted (from Target)
Short brown boots, Liz Claiborne - Goodwill
Tuesday - Social Media Day at work
Maybe I just need to stick to copying Pinterest for outfits.  Because I think this is my favorite of the week.
Inspired by:
My white shirt is actually V-neck too, but it was chilly this morning (in the 30's), so I tossed on the scarf.
White V neck shirt, David Brooks - Goodwill
Red skirt, Hasper and Company - Goodwill
Black blazer, Bandolino - Local Thrift Boutique
Infinity scarf - rue21
Black belt - old and no clue!
Black boots that I always wear.
Here's an extra photo of my very stylish, Marketing Intern and my part-time photographer.  Thanks Ashton!
Isn't she just adorable?! She's also THAT sweet too.
Ready to go thrift shopping with me?
pleated poppy

Momma Go Round


  1. Sherri, you looks so good in the bright jewel tone colors. Red is so your color. Great outfits this week and such cute green shoes:)

  2. I think with the first outfit if you just switched out the skirt for maybe a black one, you'd be good to go! I love the green shoes!! So cute! :)

  3. I love the bright colors on you! You really have it going on. And, I would love to go thrift shopping with you. I think we would have a blast! The commute from Eastern Canada would be kind of rough, though, lol!

  4. Love that lime shirt and purple cardigan! I have something similar and never thought of mixing the two, but you have just inspired me!

  5. I'm loving the taupe and green outfit - clever layering! xx

  6. I love the green and purple together. Plus great copycat of the pinterest outfit!

  7. I would love to go thrift shopping with you, but alas, I don't think it will happen. But, you have inspired me to go by myself to my local Goodwill! I hope to find some items for my home there too, not that I need any!

  8. so glad to check out your blog!! thrifting is as exciting as going to the mall for me now. it's so FUN! and more of a fun challenge since you have to dig thru all the junk to find all the treasures, :) love all your thrifted finds! you look so stylish and cute on a daily basis

    The House of Shoes

  9. Love seeing your Goodwill Glamorous outfits. Really like the green top, purple cardi, and green shoes.
    So great that your Bear takes part in your blog. Does he freelance? I sure could use a photographer...even if I sometimes lose my head. haha Too cute!

  10. Sherri, You helped inspired me to hit the thrift store. I blogged about all my great finds here:


    1. So glad you were bitten by the thrifting bug. I had to be addicted alone. ;-)

  11. I visit you often and love what you find at Goodwill. So I decided to give it a try. I went in one near the office in Houston and one in my town in Conroe. I didn't find anything but intend to keep trying! Love the blog. Carol

  12. What an entertaining post! And you are amazing, both at finding treasures on the cheap and at putting fabulous outfits together!!

    Saw you at Real Momma, Real Style.


  13. I think the last outfit with the red skirt is my fave. Thanks so much for sharing your style on Monday Mingle.

  14. *Gasp* I love those green shoes! And yes your assistant is adorable -- and so is your 4 year old photographer!

  15. Sherri ... I love your free spirit and your style! pippa


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