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Can I just tell you how much I LOVE hearing from other ladies that also get excited over thrift shopping?  Seriously!  It's the thrill of the hunt and score.  Here we go with another week of the cheap clothes I wear to work:
Wednesday, Feb 8th - work
This black ruffled top is one of my recent purchases and a new LOVE.  Soft, comfy, stylish!  The sleeves have elastic at the wrists, which is great for someone who has short arms.  That'd be me.  This outfit might be deemed conservatively wild.
Black ruffled top, New Directions - Goodwill
Animal print cardigan, Josephine Chaus- Goodwill, $2.24
Brown slacks, New York and Co.- Goodwill
Brown belt - TJ Maxx (several years old)
Brown suede Aerosoles wedges - Goodwill
Thursday - Work
3 weeks ago, I pinned this adorable number from Elissa's Dress with Courage.
I love Elissa's outfits!  Plus she is a kindred thrifting spirit.  Her personality shines as she opens herself up in her Thrift 101 series.  Once I her outfit I knew I wanted to re-create the look.  Here is my interpretation for work (similar but not denim skirt) from my closet:
I could have worn a striped shirt under my cardigan; seriously I was in such a hurry this morning getting ready for work, it didn't even hit me til later.  Oh well, I ended up with several compliments on my outfit today; even from my university students. That's major big as they are all so fashionable.
Grey cardigan, New York and Company - Goodwill
Black top, Faded Glory - Goodwill
Ruffled skirt, New Directions - Goodwill
Black leather belt - Goodwill
Animal print Scarf (two wild 'animal' days in a row!) - gifted
Tights, boot socks - Target
Necklace - Cato's
Black boots, my trusted standbys - Belk's, gifted
I love this ruffled skirt and it's a size too big.  Yep, I bought it anyway.  Why, you ask?!  Because I LOVE the ruffles! Plus it is very comfy.  Usually I wear something on the outside (not tucked in) because the skirt band 'rides' along my hips instead of my waist.  Today I belted it in order to keep the skirt where it was meant to be worn.  On a waist.  Ha!  Although the outfit is very matchy-matchy, it was a fun fit.
Friday - Work, Casual Day 
A couple of weeks ago, I visited my favorite Goodwill store (Hiram) and scored some great buys; like the ruffled black top (worn Wednesday) and this blazer.  I've been looking for an excuse to wear it!  I just hate it's a weird eyed bathroom shot to show it off. :-/  Oh Goodwill wear.
Brown suede blazer lined with a floral print, New Frontier - Goodwill
Striped button up, Croft and Barrow - Goodwill
Plum tank under blouse, American Eagle - Goodwill
My 'dressy' work jeans, daisy fuentes - Goodwill
Army green wide belt, Target - new from Goodwill
Monday - Work
If you follow my blog's Facebook page (which I HOPE you do! :-) then you know Sunday night I was joking about the below freezing temps and wearing my entire closet.  We were in the 20's this morning after plenty of Spring like days!  I actually did do some serious layering.
Dark grey slacks, Talbots - Goodwill
Light grey sweater vest, New Directions - Goodwill
Striped shirt, Croft and Barrow - Goodwill
Black blouse, Christopher and Banks - Goodwill
And you can't see it but I was also wearing a black camisole under the top 3 layers! As the day warmed up, I removed the sweater vest.  To me this looks much improved without the vest.  Thoughts?
Black leather belt - Goodwill
Infinity scarf - made by me from a Goodwill sweater.  Simply cut off the bottom half and that's the scarf!
Blue bracelet - Gifted
Black boots - at least 5 years or more old.
Except for my sad old black boots, this is a total Goodwill outfit!
Tuesday - Work, Valentine's Day
After a week of brown, grey and black....let's paint this Love Day RED -
same Red cardigan, Emma James (Liz Claiborne) - Goodwill
Striped shirt, Express Tricot - Goodwill
Black dress slacks - Goodwill
Multi-colored scarf - Rue21
Grey flower pin - made by me
Black Leather Tony Lama Belt - Goodwill
My "I wear them almost every day" black boots, Belk's - gifted
I've actually worn every item from today's ensemble before with other pieces from my closet.  Plus the black blouse from Monday has been worn several ways over the last few posts.  I tend to rely heavily on black to build my work wardrobe 'base'.  Thanks to linking and checking out the great fashion posts weekly; I have been inspired to add more color, along with stepping out of my comfort zone.  Occasionally too far out!  Either way it is an adventure that I am enjoying.   
Do you have a 'base' wardrobe color?
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Momma Go Round


  1. Love your Valentines outfit, and the ruffled skirt. You look just adorable all week. Our thrift stores here are horrid, I would never find anything like you do. Wonderful week:)

  2. That ruffled skirt is so adorable - you look awesome!

    lace, etc.

  3. I love your goodwill outfits! You always look great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. LOVE your blog. I enjoy seeing how you put Godwill outfits together, get many new ideas. Also, like the meal planning each week. Enjoy reading about your daily life. Do you shop at several Goodwill stores? I shop at 2 in my area, but do not find the pretty clothes like you wear. I do find a few clothes that I like. Also, how do you find the time to do everything, working, blog, caring for family, etc.?

  6. You look stylin as always Sherri! I love your haircut too!

  7. Love that animal print sweater. You look fabulous.

  8. thanks for the comment on my blog. i love your last outfit--with that pretty scarf and flower. very cute!

  9. "Wildly, conservative", that's a clever term! Do you mind if I borrow it? The outfits are great of course. I especially like that gray skirt. If you're ever interested in swapping clothing or accessories let me know.

  10. You are my goodwill inspiration! Love all your finds.
    I think my base color would be brown... I end up wearing a lot more of it than black I think.

  11. I am shocked at how many good items you find at your Goodwill!

  12. You are a thrifting QUEEN! Love all your looks, and so impressed with your Goodwill finds. Newly following here and on your FB page! Orangies Attic

  13. I love your outfits, you look great! Love the fact that you thrift too. I love shopping at Goodwill. That is where I get most of my and my kids clothes.

  14. Your outfits are FABULOUS!! And how cool that you got them for such a bargain! My wardrobe's base colors are orange and brown. LOVE them both!

  15. Love the way you are playing with belts and scarves. Thanks so much for sharing your style on Monday Mingle.

  16. Really enjoying your blog,,, HOWEVER,, cannot seem to find a goldmine of a Goodwill like you have!! Are you near a large city???

  17. These are all great looks. I especially like your animal print cardigan and the striped sweater from Monday's outfit.


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