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in a bathroom mirror.
Every week I am bringing you how I wear 'glamorous' clothes to work, purchased mostly from Goodwill stores.  Plus I link up with tons of wonderful fashionistas that also share what they wear; because they inspire me!
Last Wednesday - Work, I had to conduct a meeting. 
I noticed that I hadn't worn my dress slacks very often lately; mainly because Georgia has been getting tons of rain.  If I have to walk across campus (I work for a University)...then I can't stand having the bottom my pants soaking wet.  It's easier to toss on my favorite black boots and a skirt.  So finally a slacks outfit.
This outfit was totally inspired by another Pinterest find.
I wore my scarf differently and I'm not that pretty young skinny gal.  However, I liked the buttoned up cardigan look!
Purple cardigan, Worthington - via Goodwill
Blue belt - Salvation Army
Tank worn under cardi with a hint of gray lace showing, Arizona - Goodwill
Gray slacks, Talbots (and so comfy!) - Goodwill
Scarf, Target - gifted
Bracelet, by Mudd - via Kohl's on sale
Thursday - Work day
Daring or Dud?
Wasn't really thrilled with how this experiment in wearing a shirt under this dress worked out.  Love the dress though!  It has pockets and nothing wrong with daring animal print on an ole lady.  ;-)  
Animal print dress, Sandra Darren - via Goodwill
Brown T - GAP via Goodwill
Scarf - gifted
Necklace (?), earrings (gifted), bracelet - another Mudd in brown, pearl, black beads
Friday - I went to a meeting on the campus of GA Tech, sadly no picture.  But I wore a brand new Goodwill find jacket.  I will show it soon!
Saturday - went Goodwill shopping with a cousin.  Great day and scores!  Sunday - I had to work, so I was all dressed up - again no hiding in the bathroom pictures because it was Preview Day (visitation) and we had a crowd.  I probably couldn't have found an empty restroom!
Monday - work
Here are two of the items (skirt and vest) I scored during Saturday's Goodwill shopping!  
Black blouse, Christopher and Banks via Goodwill
Cream cable knit sweater vest, Talbots - Goodwill,  $4.94
Black skirt with lines of cream you can barely see, Larry Levine - Goodwill, $4.94
There are also pleats along the bottom and a tiny bow under my hand.
My black real leather belt - Goodwill
Tights - Target
Trusty black boots - Belk's, gifted 2010
Tuesday - work and a committee meeting
Forgive the wrinkles, this was late afternoon. This skirt is so neat with 3 different color dots - pale green, purple and a peach.  It's also very comfy and has a double ruffled hem.  I love that it is so versatile. 
Polka dot skirt, Briggs New York - Goodwill
Pale Green blouse, Apostrophe - Goodwill
Same purple (not sure why it appears to be blue) cardigan from last week, restyled. ;-)
Orange belt, new from Target - Goodwill
Infinity scarf - Rue21
Bracelet - gift from my Mom
Same old black boots
Lucky for me, my photographer is back!  This is my sweet marketing intern, Ashton:
Adorable college girl style, mixing navy and purple.
Want to find a new look?  Or inspiration to mix up your closet items in a new way?
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  1. Great fashion this week. Your last outfit is my favorite. I also like all the colorful belts. I agree dressing in a skirt and boots is easier than pants.

  2. I love all your looks! That animal print dress is my favorite though! You are inspiring me to go do some thrift shopping for clothes at the Goodwill:)

  3. Great finds. You look very well put together. :)

  4. nice pics!!! enjoyed your blog...

    folowing you now...

    visit my blog ....


  5. I love that blue belt with the purple sweater in the first pic. Just when I think I have everything (and more) I could possibly need....well, something else pops up. haha

  6. Good Morning! I LOVE the buttoned up purple cardigan with the blue belt - I am wanting to try that look also. But first I need a cute sweater and a cute belt!

    Also, your dress with the shirt underneath is NOT a dud. It's daring and it rocks! And the dress has pockets - love that.

    You have such great style and are such an inspiration - I went to a thrift store yesterday because I decided I needed some new jeans. I found three that I really liked, but they wouldn't reduce the price so I put one pair back, and came home with two 'new' pair. Yay!

  7. wow! you look fantastic! such good finds...I've never been very successful at thrift shopping. but you've inspired me to give it another try!
    following you now, happy to have found your blog!

    Enter the giveaway for my new jewelry boutique!

  8. Cute use of belts! They always seem to add a little 'pop' to an outfit!

  9. Love how well you rock the scarves! And I love your animal print...I could see it paired with a denim jacket for something different sometime and maybe a big pop of color with a flower pin in hot pink or turquoise :)
    You are so cute :)....I'm a thrifting addict myself.

  10. Loved your blog, is adorable how you can recreate a wonderful outfit inspired in another... and it tottaly rocks :D


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